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Technology Transactions
Our Technology Transactions practice provides a broad range of legal services to our technology clients. Such services typically include assisting clients in developing an intellectual property strategy, assisting clients in protection of intellectual property, and licensing and/or selling/acquiring intellectual property to and from third parties.

Our strategic planning services typically involve:
  • Identifying the client's intellectual property;
  • Advising the client on the best means of protecting their intellectual property;
  • Assisting the client in developing a plan for licensing or selling their intellectual property; and
  • Working closely with patent counsel for patenting inventions.
Our role in protecting the client's intellectual property may entail:
  • Copyright prosecution; and
  • Working closely with trademark and patent counsel selected by the client.
Finally, we provide important services to clients in structuring, negotiating and drafting licensing and sale transactions. Among the agreements we have prepared are:
  • Hardware
    • Development agreements;
    • Distribution agreements;
    • Value-added reseller agreements;
    • OEM agreements;
    • Equipment loan agreements;
    • Financing agreements;
    • Semiconductor technology licensing agreements; and
    • Volume purchase agreements.
  • Software
    • Inbound and outbound licenses;
    • Click wrap agreements;
    • Shrink wrap agreements;
    • Development agreements;
    • Strategic Partnership agreements;
    • Distributor agreements;
    • Evaluation (beta) agreements; and
    • Software escrow agreements.
  • Internet
    • Development agreements;
    • Hosting agreements;
    • ASP agreements;
    • Co-branding agreements;
    • Cross-linking agreements;
    • Advertising agreements;
    • Web content licensing agreements;
    • Online store fulfillment agreements;
    • Co-location agreements;
    • Roaming agreements; and
    • Strategic partner agreements.