Low Rates

We achieve economical billing rates by operating with low overhead costs, instead of passing through to the client unnecessary and extravagant overhead expenses.

Alternate Fee Arrangements

In addition to traditional hourly billing, we offer cash/equity hybrid payment arrangements, flat fee arrangements and budgeted amounts for a specific period of service or group of cases. We are also open to constructing custom fee arrangements that are results driven or that otherwise meet our clients' needs.

Budget Management

We understand that clients prefer to avoid surprises and unexpected cash flow issues. Therefore, we work collaboratively with clients to develop and follow realistic budgets. We also take care to eliminate billing surprises through tracking and monitoring of budgeted services and prompt reporting on the cost of our services.

Free Services

We spend time at no charge at the beginning of the client relationship getting to know our clients' business and legal needs. We do not charge for any networking we do for our clients. We also do not charge for socializing with our clients, whether on the phone or in person, even if the socializing occurs during a business meeting or phone call. Our clients only pay for our legal services.